Well, bugger

It looks like Legacy isn’t coming out after all. They’d already released a Legacy a while back, and one title per line, apparently.

So now we’re scrambling for a name. Prodigal is winning, as it is about Hanz’s errant son returning.

Also, I buggered my shoulder somehow. I think I slept on it funny, and now it’s hurty. More alarmingly, my fingers on the same hand woke up numb this morning. I’ve already been to the doctor, who said the hand/shoulder thing are not related and that while the shoulder is rotary cuff tendonitis, the hand numbness is carpal tunnel. Personally, I think the doc was full of it. He wasn’t in the room more than five minutes and I’ve had my carpal tunnel hate me before, but that was always a shooting, type-one-more-word-and-I’ll-come-up-there-and-strangle-you type pains. This is just, oh, dear, did you notice we were on fire? type tingles.

Oh, well. If I wake up in the morning and my arm has fallen off, I’ll sue the bastard for not catching your-arm-is-about-to-fall-off-itosis before it was too late

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