I started writing a new book today…

I put the name Drey in the middle of my page.

Then spent half an hour doodling the most elaborate border around his name that I could.

Then I drew an arrow from Drey’s name and wrote ‘SAM’ (yes, in all caps.)

Then I spent about fifteen minutes making it the most elaborate arrow I could possibly manage.

Then I wrote the name ‘Trance’ on the other side of Drey’s name.

Then I linked it to Drey’s name with a deliberate dotted line.

Then I stared at what I had on my page for about another ten minutes.

Then I linked Sam’s and Trance’s name with a question mark.

Then I went back to reading Martians inside of Dinosaurs. My bet? The Martians totally go evil.

It’s slow days like this that make me feel the most productive.

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