On Bad Guys

Huh, in the subject, I’d typed in On Bad Gays. You know the type, the ones who diss your best friends, refuse to pick up after themselves and spend the entire visit chasing your cats with butcher knives? Those bastards. 🙂

I love bad guys. I can’t help it. They’re just so much more interesting than good guys. Probably because they want more, and it’s an awful lot easier to write because their motivations are clear. The trick is, give them something to want they can justify as calling their own, and let them have morality that allows them to bend whatever rules they need to get it. Evil for evil’s sake is so old, but evil for The Good Cause, regardless how bent and twisted it is, is very, very, very appealing to me.

I’m not going to delve much deeper than that. I probably don’t want to.

Good guys, in comparison, are much more boring. I mean, mostly mine just want to be left alone. Well, and for that really hot guy over there to take off his pants. The second want is quite easy to achieve because in my world, that hot guy over there really wants to take off his pants. See? No conflict. And no conflict is boring. The first want, to be left alone, is more difficult, because in order to do so, they’d have to remove themselves from the situation that had been created around them. And if you build the world correctly enough, doing that should end the world. Conflict. Yay!

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