Writing as Barbara Geiger


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RabbitFinal_coverlgFive months have passed since Kevin saved Matt from working the streets. Matt didn’t think he could be happier having his prince, Kevin, at his side. But nothing is simple in the Fae world Kevin belongs to, and both love and deceit lay tangled webs. Life under the Hill needs a strong hearthstone to power the long lives of the Fae and the magic they use, and Matt couldn’t have guessed how corrupted and dark the source of that power has become. What once had been a beautiful ceremony between the King and those who loved him has become a terrifying ritual of being hunted down like a rabbit and drained for the good of the Kingdom.

Matt had thought his love for Kevin knew no bounds, but he doesn’t know how the hearthstone is refilled, or that in all the years the rabbit had run, there had only ever been one who had survived the night. Matt’s own father had been caught and drained. Only one rabbit had ever survived the night–Kevin himself. Love is easy when life is simple. When things go to hell, love is forged…or burned away.

Cover art by Fiona Jayde



no mortal business cover

Finn traded his selkie heart away years ago, and now he’s bargained his remaining freedom for two weeks with his only love. It’s going to take a little magic and a lot of heartache to free him.

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Writing as Angela Fiddler

masters-of-the-lines-seriesLineage is now available as a free download. Books 1-4 of the Masters of the Lines series are now available in a one-volume combined edition! Buy it now from Smashwords or Amazon

For most vampire masters like Vision, their lieutenants are the solution to, and the cause of, most of their problems. Then Vision met Hanz, who took the problem–and Vision–in hand. Hanz may be on top in the bedroom, but Vision’s talent in the vampire world puts him in a precarious position, and while his lieutenant may not be after his power, others are not so restrained.